Instant Sinatra Starter


I was asked to write a book about Sinatra, to be published by Packt Publishing.

The Cover

The book is called "Instant Sinatra Starter" and is part of Packtpub's Instant series.

Although the book is very short - the final version is 48 pages - it took about six months from initial planning to publication.

My target audience is people who have a little programming experience, so it doesn't aim to teach you programming in general, or Ruby specifically.

The main section of the book follows the steps you need to develop an address book application.

The topics covered are:

  • Sinatra setup,

  • Templating (using Slim),

  • Getting an app online using Heroku,

  • GET and POST requests,

  • Integration testing,

  • Database access.

The code from the book is available on GitHub.